Prestige NY provides creative events and promotions for leading automotive care brands. By showing consumers the value offered by vehicle maintenance solutions loved by professional racecar drivers, we’re putting high-end products in the hands of everyday American motorists.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) is one such organization with a mission for finding a cure to a disease that strikes both women and men. Our team at Prestige NY is proud to support this outstanding non-profit by raising funds through the sales of automotive care products. This Pink Promotion has allowed the brand we represent to donate over $3.5 million to BCRF. Of every dollar they receive, 91 cents goes directly to efforts to fight this disease, discover new prevention and treatment options, and provide support that improves the lives of breast cancer patients around the world.

Professional Automotive Maintenance Products

Prestige NY is proud to represent automotive maintenance products used on professional racing vehicles. With a brand name synonymous with winners, consumers know they’re getting products they can trust. Our team members can be found at the National Motorsports Hall of Fame in Alabama, as well as race tracks and automotive retail venues, sharing the benefits of these products with car enthusiasts and everyday motorists across the country.

FW1 Cleaning Wax Products

FW1 Waterless Formulation provides a professional show car finish that eliminates a vehicle’s exterior of dirt and grime in less than 30 minutes and lets them shine. This wonder product is formulated with a unique combination of lubricants and Carnauba wax. In addition to cars, this product can be used on boats, RVs, motorcycles, trucks, bicycles, even airplanes. A 17.5-ounce aerosol can of FW1 Wash & Wax will wash three or four average-sized cars. The complete Waterless Detail Car Care System Kit is also available for those who are in search of additional car maintenance capabilities.