Prestige NY Details the Impact of the BCRF

At Prestige NY, we are avid supporters of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). As a leader on this issue, we’re quite impressed by the foundation’s commitment to spend millions on breast cancer research over 2015 and 2016. The grants were released on October 1, and received by 240 research groups on five continents. Study will focus on these areas:

  • Metastatic Breast Cancer Research: More than $14.5 million is funding the research of metastatic breast cancer. Studies will help explain how and why cancer cells spread. They will also assess progress related to treatment.
  • Treatment: As we at Prestige NY have learned, over $14 million is supporting the improvement of breast cancer treatment. Researchers will learn more about why treatments work better in some people than others. What’s more, they hope to learn why tumors grow resistance to drugs.
  • Susceptibility: Factors such as race and family history affect the risk of breast cancer. The BCRF has invested almost $20 million in the study of inherited susceptibility and tumor genomics.
  • Lifestyle Choices and Prevention: Our team members at Prestige NY note that more than $6 million is going to research the impact of obesity on breast cancer. There will also be studies on biomarkers in blood and tissue and the effects of chemopreventives.

The fight to eradicate breast cancer is far from over. How will you support it?