Prestige NY Highlights Efforts to Fight Breast Cancer

Move to Cure is a wonderful initiative for trailblazers in the world of fitness. They can rally their community to raise the funds so critically needed for breast cancer research. At the same time, they can educate women about their health. At Prestige NY, we are supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) in these efforts.

The BCRF has enlisted the support of fitness expert Tracy Anderson. She is inviting her colleagues in leading fitness boutiques to participate in the Move to Cure. She indicates, “I am so grateful to join forces with so many amazing leaders in the fitness industry in support of breast cancer research with the launch of the Inaugural Move to Cure campaign.”

For the month of October, fitness enthusiasts can work out at select locations and join special fundraising classes. They will also have the option to purchase bracelets for $3, with all proceeds benefitting BCRF. Our team members at Prestige NY continue to spread the word about these amazing opportunities.

These are ideal venues for such efforts, because obesity is a contributor to cancer. In fact, it is quickly overtaking tobacco use as a preventable cause of the disease. As we at Prestige NY have learned, obesity can also impact the likelihood of remission. For instance, the effectiveness of treatments like chemotherapy and radiation can be influenced by the size of the patient.

This is just some of the information shared with participants in the Move to Cure program, all while fundraising for the cause.